Helenius beats Teper by knockout!

Paf sponsored heavyweight boxer Robert Helenius has won his IBF Intercontinental title fight against Erkan Teper in Stuttgart, Germany. At the end of the eighth round Helenius knocked out the German with a powerful left combination.

“The fight went as planned, then it ended a little earlier than we had thought. I managed to hit him with some heavy combinations at the end of all the rounds. He became clearly more tired than expected because of my strong round finishes,” Helenius said.

Helenius started to take control of the fight in the third round.

“I had a confident feeling throughout the fight – I felt so alive and focussed. I actually paced myself at the beginning so as to not to use up too much energy. Then I felt that there was a clear opportunity to finish the contest,” Helenius said.

An eighth round knockout!

In the eighth round Helenius had the upper hand throughout. At the end of the round he produced two powerful left shots that left German home favourite flat out on the canvas.

“That moment when I knocked Teper out, it felt so incredibly good in every way. To beat a guy in eight rounds who has never been knocked out in his career before – that’s a big achievement,” Helenius says.

Helenius consoled his opponent after the fight.
“I thanked Teper for a well fought and tough fight. We go a long way back in boxing and he wished me all the best in the future. He actually recovered well after the fight despite being knocked out,” Helenius said.

World title dream is alive again

Helenius will take a few days’ rest at home with the family before his team plans the next move in his career.

“I definitely have a brighter future now and my goal of getting a world title fight is clearly closer,” says Helenius.

“I want to thank everyone who supported me. I hope you enjoyed the fight and I promise you will see much more of the same in the future!”

Paf has put together a highlights package from of the fight so everybody can relive the victory.

See the fight and Helenius’s sensational knockout finish

29 September 2018

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