A good throw – for Save the Children

Save the Children together with the disc golf associations, arranged a fundraiser for the Children’s Fund. In the fundraiser, the number of rounds played gave money to the Children’s Fund. Paf participated as a main sponsor of the event.

“It was an exciting and fun event with a nice atmosphere,” says Save the Children’s acting manager Lotta Angergård.

A total of 277 people participated and a total of 485 rounds were played on the courses. The end result is not yet settled, but the sum for the Children’s Fund is expected to be almost 2,000 euros.

“We are happy about the large number of participants and the contribution we got. The money raised for the Children’s Fund is important for Save the Children’s possibilities to give support. The sum from the #discgolfcharityday corresponds to a fifth of the support that gave 230 Christmas presents to children last year,” says Lotta Angergård.

Save the Children founded Paf

Save the Children is located in 120 different countries around the world and they try to improve the living conditions of children, based on the Convention on the Rights of the Children. Save the Children is one of the organizations that founded Paf in 1966 and the children’s rights organization receives money every year from Paf’s surplus in the form of Paf funds.

“We belong to the Finnish Save the Children organization and we cooperate internationally. Paf funds are absolutely crucial for our operations on Åland, without that support we would have to redo our entire organization and how we finance the operations,” says Lotta Angergård.

More voices for children’s rights are needed – become a member of Save the Children


10 November 2020

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