We exist in a variety of different markets and channels. Wherever people meet us our core values are always reflected in our brands. By being genuine, exciting and responsible we build trust and curiosity. It is the basis for long-term relationships with our players.


Our brand

Paf is where it all started. Back in 1966 we were founded as Ålands Penningautomatförening (a.k.a. Paf) with the purpose of generating funds for the benefit of society. Our founding associations were The Red Cross, Save The Children, Folkhälsan and a children’s charity. We were among the first operators to go online in 1999 and our aspiration is to provide sustainable entertainment by being the most responsible gaming company available on our markets.

Our sub-brands

Pafbet is our name on the Latvian market. It carries all the values and qualities of Paf, but with a stronger sportsbook and athletic focus.


No Account Casino is our experience for game lovers. This is the easiest and fastest way to play. It’s all about spins and wins.



No Account Bet has the same relaxed, fast feeling of our casino, but with a stronger sportsbook focus.


X3000 is our fast-going and hassle-free brand. X3000 opens up the doors to the smoothest online gambling entertainment platform on the market.


Speedy Bet is under the Speedy umbrella and offers sports betting without any hassle.


Speedy Casino has all the classics in casino games. There are over 2000 games to choose from, all of which are easily accessible and fuzz free.


Prank is our most vibrant and fun experience. It is filled with the joy of visiting many game worlds and feeling the youthful expression.

The Game Room is our non-gambling brand, offering entertainment such as arcades, vending machines and amusement games for everyone, regardless of age or gender.