Bingo Final with a Christmas Spirit

Bingo Final with a Christmas Spirit

Paf invited a total of 76 bingo players to play bingo and discover a wintery Åland. The bingo final was organised at Paf’s headquarters where participants were treated to a three-course dinner prepared by the local star chef Michael Björklund.

The evening’s winner in the bingo final was a 85-year-old lady, Heliä Paavilainen from Turku who won a total of €1 400.

“It feels incredible. I saw several others around me win during the evening, but the main thing was to get to shout bingo in the end,” says the winner.

Heliä Paavilainen won €400 on four rows, and then she went on to win €1 000 as the sole winner with the full house. The win was welcome as pipe renovations await her at home. She won her ticket to the bingo final on a summer cruise with Viking Line.

Tickets to Paf’s bingo weekend could be won by playing bingo online or onboard the passenger cruise ships. A total of 40 people won tickets to the bingo weekend, and each winner had the opportunity to bring a bingo companion.

Lots of Bingo All Weekend

Throughout the weekend, a total of eight rounds of bingo were played, mixed with traditional five-row bingo and pattern bingo. Participants got to play already on the first evening, followed by a breakfast bingo and the bingo final on Saturday evening. The total prize pool for the weekend was €10 000. The final, consisting of a five-line bingo, was exclusive to those who had won tickets to the event.

The participants also had the chance to discover Åland’s winter landscape and visit a Christmas market, which was appreciated.

“It was a successful weekend with bingo and a Christmas market. The players were happy and assured us that it would be a cherished memory,” says Linda Jansson, Customer Relations Manager and bingo host.

08 December 2023

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