The winner will fix his car with the prize money

The winner will fix his car with the prize money

Paf arranged the live poker tournament Destination Poker November 25-27 in Mariehamn on Åland. 60 players participated in the poker tournament’s main event with a 30,000 euro prize pot and on Saturday evening the winner could be crowned.

“This is my first big win in a live tournament. It feels very good and now I’m relieved,” says Jouni Hokkanen, who won the tournament.

When two players remained in the tournament, they chose to split the winnings and play for the trophy. The winner collected a prize pot of 6450 euros and a specially designed trophy as a souvenir. Jouni already has some plans for how he will use the winnings.

“This was a well-organized tournament. I like playing in Paf’s events because you are well taken care of and you always feel welcome. I will fix my car with the winnings,” says Jouni Hokkanen.

Professional Spanish poker dealers

In the poker tournament Destination Poker, 60 players who have won their seat in the main tournament participated and all winners could also bring a friend to the event. During the poker tournament, a number of side events and cash games were also arranged, so that everyone had the opportunity to play as much poker as they wished.

“We are really happy with the poker tournament and I think all the players are too. It takes a lot to get it right,” says Niklas Lönnfors, Customer Relations Manager.

“For example, we chose to hire professional Spanish poker dealers who usually work on the European EPT tour. It will be a great standard at the tournament when we use experienced dealers, says Linda Jansson, Customer Relations Manager.

Paf’s Destination Poker – final results

  1. Jouni Hokkanen – 6450 euros
  2. Toomas Mäkikokko – 7000 euros
  3. Mikael Grönvik – 3900 euros
  4. Anne Bezdek – 3300 euros
  5. Julius Kettunen – 2700 euros
  6. Esa Valliaro – 2200 euros
  7. Niklas Borg – 1800 euros
  8. Pekka Ikonen – 1450 euros
  9. Robin Johansson – 1200 euros

The heads-up finalists chose to make a final table deal dividing the winnings, that is why the second place got a really good win. The total prize pot was 30,000 euros.

The next big poker tournament is The Festival Series in Nottingham. Paf arranges a joint customer trip to the tournament, for those who won their place via Paf.

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