Patience led to a first place

Patience led to a first place

Paf arranged the live poker tournament Destination Poker November 3–5 in Mariehamn on Åland.

60 players participated in the poker tournament’s main event with a 30,000 euro prize pot. On Saturday evening at 11 pm the winner from Estonia could be crowned.

“I had to have a lot of patience and for a long time I couldn’t get a good hand. To be able to win this tournament all good hands needed to hold, and I’m happy they did”, says Uku Valner, who won the tournament.

Aku Laajus (second place), Uku Valner (winner) and Joni Liimatta (third place).

When two players remained in the tournament, they made a deal and continued to play for the unique trophy plus 500 euros. The winner collected a prize pot of 7 556,30 euros. In second place came Aku Laajus from Finland who won 6543,70 euros.

“It is the fifth time I’ve been to a Paf poker event and it is always a feel-good weekend. It’s a nice tradition that hopefully continues as long as Paf arranges live poker events”, says Aku Laajus.

The trophy – a welded bird

The trophy was a unique bird, welded and designed by famous local artist Johan Karlsson from Åland.

“It has become a tradition on Destination Poker to give a locally handmade trophy to the winner. This year’s trophy contained 23 pieces of cutlery and a stack of about 100 Paf chips”, says Linda Jansson, Event Organizer and Customer Relations Manager.

The trophy bird contained 23 pieces of cutlery.

During the weekend, besides the main tournament, players could participate in three different side tournaments and cash-game tables.

“Many pieces needed to fall into place at this event, which they did. It turned out to be a successful weekend for both new and old customers”, says Niklas Lönnfors, Customer Relations Manager.

Paf’s Destination Poker 2023 – Final results

  1. Uku Valner – 7556,30 euro
  2. Aku Laajus – 6543,70 euro
  3. Joni Liimatta – 3900 euro
  4. Karl Samuel Lindberg – 3000 euro
  5. Jonas Rosqvist – 2400 euro
  6. Martin ‘Franke’ von Zweigbergk – 2100 euro
  7. Toni Ojala – 1800 euro
  8. Jari Hurri – 1450 euro
  9. Joakim Rödin – 1200 euro

The total prize pot was 30,000 euro.

07 November 2023

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