grit:lab – pioneering tech education at Paf’s headquarters

The Åland Government has given Paf the task of starting up and running a tech education for 50 talented software developers. The education is carried out completely without teachers and classes, where the student’s own ability to develop is in focus.

grit:lab is a new and alternative IT education that in 2022 will start educating 50 students to become tech developers of the future. The education is a kind of coding school that is based on the 01 edu platform’s pedagogy, an alternative education in contrast to the traditional education within IT. The education is completely project-based, teacher free and without regular classes and follows a gamified two-year learning process.

“This is an interesting and exciting educational concept, where students learn to learn for themselves. It will be an excellent complement to current education and I think that a learning process without regular classes can be good for many students,” says Annika Hambrudd, Minister of Education in Åland’s provincial government.

The need for tech-talented people is great both on Åland and throughout the Nordic region.

“This is an important investment for our tech companies in Åland, which have a large demand for IT-educated personnel. I strongly believe in this modern concept of educating oneself in IT. Where different people with different backgrounds are combined with the creativity that exists in the Paf house,” says Fredrik Karlström, Minister of Trade and Industry in Åland’s provincial government.

Campus in Paf’s headquarters

The training will be run by Paf in Paf’s head office on Åland. It gives students an excellent proximity to the latest technology and a tech inspired campus environment.

“We are convinced that this will be good and in the end grit:lab can help us find the tech talents we need.”

“But the training is not only for Paf, it is for all IT companies. And we hope that many companies want to become partner companies for the education program so that we together can both help and get help from the IT students,” says Daniela Johansson deputy CEO and CRO at Paf.

An excellent education for a career within tech 

The foundation for the education began in France and there are now similar educations in 40 different countries around the world. No previous basic knowledge of coding or IT is needed, in order to be admitted to the education.

“grit:lab is looking for those who have talent and the right personal drive forward, regardless of their age, gender or where they come from. I have no doubt that these students will get a tech job after their education,” says Francois Maugis, CTO at Paf.

“We are delighted to partner with Paf and allow them to be the first to bring the 01edu school model to the Åland Islands. By doing so, they will deliver free-to-access tech education to all talents across the Åland islands and the Nordic region and shape the future.” says Nicolas Sadirac, Co-founder of Chief Pedagogy Officer of 01Edu.

Applications, in the form of an online test, will open around the turn of the year 2021/2022. Based on the first stage of tests, 150 persons can go on to the next step in the application process, after which 50 students will be allowed to start their education for free in the grit:lab in August 2022.

“The people we are looking for are people who have a logical mind set but above all have a commitment and the will to develop themselves. Talent alone without effort, is not enough to achieve results.”

“If you want to be part of grit:lab, you need to have ‘grit’, the energy and a passion to find solutions so that you get past obstacles and setbacks with the help of others without giving up. When it is challenging, you are driven by the desire to move forward towards the goal and at the same time along the way you like to collaborate and co-create solutions together with others,” says Anna-Lena Svenblad Development Director at Paf and Paf’s project manager for grit:lab.

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02 September 2021

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