Paf introduces lowered loss limit for young people

Paf introduces lowered loss limit for young people

Paf has implemented a lower mandatory loss limit for young people. The reduction is implemented to strengthen the responsible gaming measures for all young people who play at Paf.

Paf is the only international gaming company that has introduced an annual mandatory loss limit that applies to all online customers. The loss limit is set at €20,000 on an annual basis for all customers, but it has now been lowered to €10,000 for people aged 18-24.

– We need to take a stronger grip and minimize the risks for our young customers. Therefore, this is a good measure that strengthens our take on responsible gaming, says Jenna Ekström, Responsible Gaming Manager.

Paf’s loss limit for young people has already been implemented and it is now valid for all young customers on Paf’s gaming sites, as well as on all other gaming sites owned by Paf. The loss limit includes all gaming categories without any exemptions.

– We are convinced that mandatory loss limits are among the most decisive and responsible actions a gaming company can take, says Daniela Johansson, Deputy CEO and Chief Responsibility Officer.

Mandatory loss limits are needed

The loss limit for young people is mandatory and the maximum limit cannot be raised to a higher level. But the limit can easily and quickly be set to an even lower level on a daily, weekly or monthly basis by the player himself.

– A customer with gambling problems most likely does not have the same ability to control his gambling and set his own limits, which is why we need mandatory loss limits in the gambling industry, says Daniela Johansson.

Young adults are a vulnerable group

The research on gambling problems and different risk groups generally indicates that young people should be considered as a risk group.

– The facts and research about gambling problems that we have seen point out that young people are a more vulnerable group. On the one hand, young people have a tendency to take more risks and on the other hand they don’t have the same financial possibilities to play monetary games, says Jenna Ekström.

Every year, Paf openly publishes the figures for the company’s customer segments. We publish the numbers in order to show how we work with reducing and stopping the unsustainable revenue that comes from the most intensive red segments. Instead we try to increase the amount of green segment customers. Find out more about Paf’s work with responsible gaming, our take on openness and check out the latest published customer segments.

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