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Two legends. One Game.

The race between Thomas Wassberg and Juha Mieto at Lake Placid in 1980 is part of sport folklore. Gold and silver in the 15km were separated by just one hundredth of a second. It’s the closest finish in Olympic cross country skiing history. Paf has brought their rivalry back to life in a new game. Legendary sporting rivalry reignited in…

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29 November 2018

Paf acquires its long-time bingo supplier Proactive Gaming

Paf invests in product portfolio development through the purchase of its bingo supplier Proactive Gaming Scandinavia AB. The acquisition is a continuation of a successful collaboration between Paf (Ålands Penningautomatförening) and Swedish gaming technology company Proactive Gaming Scandinavia AB.The two companies started working together in 2014, when Proactive became the new bingo supplier for Paf. More unique gaming experiences Proactive,…

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02 October 2018

€2.7m jackpot winner at

€2.7m jackpot winner at The Finnish woman who won €2.7 million on the site 21 June received a nice surprise as she was told on Friday 29 June that she had at the same time won an additional €350,000 due to the NetEnt Mega Million campaign. A Finnish player at won the €2.701.379,07 mega jackpot in the Hall of Gods…

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29 June 2018 first international gambling company to introduce loss limit

Paf will be the first international gambling company to introduce a loss limit. The limit will be introduced for all customers on all markets and entails that any customer playing at may not lose more than 30,000 euro during one year. Loss limits have thus far only been used by gambling companies in monopoly position. Next fall, the Åland-based…

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13 June 2018

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