Paf named Sweden’s most sustainable gaming company

Paf has been named Sweden’s most responsible gaming company. Paf won the prize in the Sustainability category at the Swedish Gambling Awards. Paf Deputy CEO Daniela Johansson was also the winner in the Leadership category.

From 40 submissions 11 finalists were selected in three award categories at the Swedish Gambling Awards. Paf won the award in the Sustainability category and Paf’s Deputy CEO Daniela Johansson won the award in the Leadership category.

“We are particularly happy to win the Sustainability award. It is proof that Paf is the industry leader in both gaming and social responsibility. Once again this year we have taken major steps to improve our focus on gaming responsibility and our reduced loss limit combined with our openness is something that has made the jury stand up and take notice,” says Paf’s Paf’s Deputy CEO Daniela Johansson.

An independent jury consisting of seven people with long experience and knowledge from sustainability, gaming responsibility, marketing and leadership selected all finalists and winners.

“We received a lot of very interesting entries this year and it was a long jury process. The winners have looked at some serious issues, listened to their customers and the market and found good solutions,” says Thomas Nilsson, chairman of the Swedish Gambling Award as reported in Sper’s press release.

The jury’s motivation for choosing the winner in the sustainability category reads:
“A sustainable gaming industry requires transparency, openness and honesty. Many people say they work to combat gambling addiction, but few dare to show what it actually looks like in real numbers, let alone deny themselves the revenue that others say yes to. Paf is leading the way – and for that they absolutely deserve to win this year’s award in the category.”

On 1 September 2018 Paf became the first international gaming company to introduce a maximum limit to control how much a customer can lose in one year, a yearly loss limit of EUR 30,000 (SEK 300,000). In 2019 Paf chose to openly publish the numbers of its customer playing segments and on 1 January 2020 the loss limit was further reduced to EUR 25,000 (SEK 250,000). Due to this yearly limit, Paf can promise that the company completely stopped big players from playing at Paf’s online games in 2020. 

Daniela Johansson wins the Leadership category

Daniela Johansson also won the award in the Leadership category, for her focus on making the gaming industry more sustainable.

The jury’s motivation for choosing the winner in the leadership category reads:
“Daniela Johansson is a very positive role model and has shown responsible leadership in aiming for more sustainable development in the gaming industry. She has dared to make uncomfortable decisions that promote transparency and openness and she has challenged the entire industry in a positive way. She has, in an exemplary way, stood behind her decisions and advocated a sustainable approach, transparency and openness.”

“I am very happy to win the prize and I feel humbled when I read the jury’s motivation. I would also like to say that many people at Paf have worked to improve our gaming responsibility. So I see the prize as further proof that we are making actions that are based on solid foundations and that are fundamentally good,” says Daniela Johansson.

Paf was named the Swedish gambling industry’s Most Sustainable Gaming Company at the Swedish Gambling Awards, which is arranged by the gaming industry’s national organisation SPER. 

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