Prehistoric society Fibula

Early 2018 saw the ínaugruation of the new timber building of the prehistoric society Fornföreningen Fibula in Vikingabyn. Built with hand-hewn 9-meter beams from Bolstaholm, the exterior of the building resonates the same Iron Age feeling as the rest of the village, While the interior comprises of modern facilities adequate for holding courses all year round. The association is hoping for more junior members and has therefore invested in recruiting its next generation of vikings.

– We are planning a wide range of arts and crafts courses for junior members in areas such as sewing clothes, woodwork, metal work, rope work, medieval fencing, etc. Our focus is on a level suitable for 8‑9 years of age, says Johan de Manger, who is responsible for junior courses in the society.

Prehistoric society Fibula was initially called Hlödvergruppen when it was established in the municipality of Saltvik in 2000. The original name came from Hlödver den långe (en. Hlödver the long), who is believed to have been born in Saltvik 1000 years ago and supposedly sailed on king Olav Tryggvason’s legendary viking ship Ormen Långe. The society decided to arrange the first of many viking markets in Saltvik. Since then, the venue has seen a steady growth, with the number of participants, salesmen and buildings currently nearing maximum capacity.

– If we are to make room for more, we will have to extend the area, says society chairman Tom Danielsson.

Everyone in the society is fascinated by the Iron Age and the Viking period in their own way. John has an interest in historically accurate apparel, while Tom loves the simplicity of the historical way of life, and enjoys leaving his mobile phone at home, cooking over an open fire, building and timbering. Some may prefer to tend to the society’s viking boats, while others engage in learning about fencing technique or natural dyeing of fabrics.

– The viking market is naturally a focal point, but we also enjoy a great sense of community. Within the framework of the Iron Age and the Viking period, we all find interests of our own. Currently, we are searching for persons who are willing to engage in maintaining the viking ship. And next year, the viking market turns 20 years. This calls for a proper celebration, Tom says.

27 April 2018

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