A sustainable workplace

For Paf being a sustainable employer means that we strive to be an employer who is consciously working with development and transparency towards our employees, customers and business partners. As an employer for around 315 persons from many different countries, we are committed to creating the best possible working environment for our most important asset – our employees.

We want to ensure that all employees are given a good working environment that promotes safety, fairness and equality.

Our employees are the very core of our business and an inspiring work environment goes hand in hand with being able to give our customers what they want.

The staff is one of Paf’s focus areas for sustainability. We want to ensure all employees’ well-being and that they have the right conditions to develop professionally. Based on the UN’s global sustainability goals and the local Åland development and sustainability agenda’s strategic goals, we have identified how our sustainability work contributes to these.

The Åland sustainability agenda

UN Global Development Goals



A balanced and active work environment

The gaming industry is rapidly evolving and the work pace is high, which is why the balance between work life and private life is incredibly important. We strive to offer our employees opportunities to find a good work situation that works for their life as a whole. Our staff is the key to Paf’s success. When all of us who work at Paf feel good, we are also able to perform better and grow professionally together.

  • We work together, so we can improve our skills and our business.
  • We want Paf to be an inspiring place to work.
  • We believe our employees can grow and feel good in a fair, safe and equal working environment.
  • We want to encourage our employees to grow and develop professionally, so they can use their full potential with us.


All of our offices are unique and therefore perks and benefits can vary from location to location. Some of our benefits include:

  • Exercise hour - One exercise hour / week during work time.
  • Applicable health insurances.
  • Well designed working spaces, team rooms, conference rooms and social areas that support the agile mindset and ensures good ergonomics.
  • Fresh fruit and snacks in the office.
  • Opportunity to choose your equipment & work only with the latest technologies.
  • We support remote work - all employees who can perform their work remotely have the opportunity to influence how and where they work.

Work abroad or remotely

Paf gives their employees the opportunity to choose how they want to work. The employees can work at the office, remotely or with a so-called hybrid model. The hybrid model is a mix of both remote work and work on-site. 

“The personal balance between work, leisure, and family is incredibly important. We believe that this will give our staff better opportunities to find the right balance in their workday”, says Paf’s Deputy CEO & Chief Responsibility Officer Daniela Johansson.

Paf also offers the possibility to work abroad up to three months per year. It gives the Paf employees the opportunity to take part in other cultures or annually work from their homeland. 

“We are convinced that this will be an important factor for us as an employer in the future in an the increasingly international labour market”, says Daniela Johansson.

Dialogues for Engagement

Employee engagement is one of the single most important factors for long-term growth within companies. In addition to boosting business, fostering a culture of transparency and engagement is aligned with the overall goals of social sustainability.

Action Talk

Action talk is a short weekly meeting between manager and employee (one-to-one). A dialogue based on preparations from both parties. It is a great opportunity for feedback and alignment in a short time perspective.

Performance Review

Performance Review is an open dialogue between the manager and the employee. The purpose is to have a look in the rear mirror and to focus on the coming period, setting new goals and development objectives. The Performance Review has a long term perspective.


We work actively to be an inspiring workplace, where openness and equality make our employees grow. We also offer concrete benefits that promote the health of our employees, such as training hours during working hours.

Employee Survey

We conduct a survey every year to gather information and feedback from all employees at Paf. The results are then analyzed and evaluated within the teams, departments and by the Group Management. The aim of the survey is to be able to improve working methods, remove any bottlenecks and plan for long-term improvements.

One of the most inspiring workplaces in Finland

We are honored to again be recognised as one of Finland’s most inspiring workplaces! This acknowledgment is bestowed upon Finnish organisations that excel in the PeoplePower employee survey conducted by Eezy Flow.

At Paf, we believe in developing our business hand in hand with our amazing employees. Together, we create an inspiring workplace.

Our employees in numbers

Our efforts to achieve a sustainable workplace are linked to three of the UN’s development goals: goal five, goal eight and goal ten.

Goal five: strives for gender equality where influence and resources should be distributed fairly.

Goal eight: is about decent working conditions and economic growth, where we want to promote inclusive and sustainable economic growth.

Goal ten: is an effort to reduce inequality, emphasising that no one in society should be left behind in development.

Employee Forum

Employee Forum is an annual event where all Paf’s employees gather at the head office in Mariehamn to have fun together. The event consists of a day with activities that are arranged to enable the exchange of ideas and experiences between different teams.

Leadership Program

Leadership is very important at Paf. The leadership program consists of an introduction program for new leaders, leader sessions on different topics and mentorship. Furthermore Paf holds biannual leadership forums (remote or physical) to inspire, support and develop our leaders.

Sustainable recruitment

We use competency-based recruitment to ensure that our recruitment process is as objective and fair as possible. We define competence as an individual’s ability to translate experience, knowledge, personality and problem-solving ability into successful behaviours at work.

  • The recruitment process is structured based on a well-developed requirements profile.

  • The selection process thus looks different depending on the role being recruited for and each step in the process has a clear purpose.

  • During the interview process, we use work- or test assignments tailored to the role to provide accurate and evidence-based information on candidates’ skills and knowledge. For tech positions, we focus on personal experiences and knowledge in software development rather than formal education and diplomas.