Woman from Finland wins €3,8 million

Woman from Finland wins €3,8 million

A Finnish woman from the Helsinki region won €3,819,709.36 at Paf.com on Monday evening the 27th of February. She won the jackpot while playing the online game Mega Fortune Dreams with a bet of €4.00.

“I still can’t quite believe this has happened, it feels surreal and amazing. Just waiting for it to sink in! I haven’t yet had time to celebrate the win” says the lucky woman.

The fifth biggest win in Paf’s history

Paf has two Guinness World Records for online gaming. The biggest of our records was set on Sunday, 20 January 2013 when a player won 17,8 million euros while playing Mega Fortune on Paf.com. The latest jackpot of €3,8 million is the fifth biggest win in Paf’s history.

“It brings us great joy to witness a life-changing win for one of our players. As part of our commitment to responsible gaming, we have initiated our big winner process. We always recommend our big winners to take a break, set some limits as well as seek advice from their bank,“ says Mattias Andersson, Paf’s Head of Casino & Games.

When a player wins more than €100,000, Paf freezes the winner’s gaming account for a week to prevent the risk of losing the winnings. As a part of the responsible gaming big winner process, Paf also follow up the winner a couple of times during a period of six weeks.

Paf’s top ten online jackpots

Date Stake Win Game
1. 20.1.2013 €0.25 €17,861,800.54 Mega Fortune
2. 23.11.2012 €5.00 €8,636,146.54 Arabian Nights
3. 18.1.2012 €2.00 €6,864,858.24 Mega Fortune
4. 21.2.2011 €5.00 €5,319,019.68 Mega Fortune
5. 27.2.2023 €4.00 €3,819,709.36 Mega Fortune Dreams
6. 8.1.2020 €1.00 €3,687,073.85 Hall of Gods
7. 18.1.2017 €0.20 €3,507,768.29 Mega Fortune Dreams
8. 15.1.2016 €4.00 €3,423,172.56 Mega Fortune Dreams
9. 4.4.2014 €5.00 €3,292,906.08 Arabian Nights
10. 22.10.2013 €5.00 €3,246,818.83 Mega Fortune


01 March 2023

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