Paf’s headquarters was filled with tech enthusiasts

Paf’s headquarters was filled with tech enthusiasts

Paf’s event, Åland Tech Meetup, offered a packed agenda with eight speakers. Throughout the evening, experts shared their knowledge on topics such as AI, the structure of grit:lab, and how to overcome all obstacles and make the impossible possible, even with eight holes in the brain.

“It’s fantastic to see so many of you here today, and I’m especially pleased to announce that we have over 130 individuals from 34 different organisations participating,” says Paf’s Corporate Development Director, Anna-Lena Svenblad, during the opening of the Åland Tech Meetup.

The audience fell into complete silence, directing their attention towards the stage as the inspirational keynote speaker of the event, Robson Lindberg, took the floor. After a head injury in the hockey rink, doctors had given him a prognosis of limited prospects, a future without work and sports activities.

“But history is rewritten every day. Regardless of what the doctors say, I must undergo my rehabilitation better than anyone else ever has,” says Robson Lindberg.

Karin Künnapas, Head of School at kood/Jõhvi, Kim Gripenberg, DevOps Engineer at Paf and Robson Lindberg.

Despite eight brain haemorrhages and a brain injury, he rose up, relearned how to crawl, eat, and write. After a long and winding journey, much to the surprise of the doctors, he now works globally organising the Ironman triathlon race and has completed several races himself. Today, he also delivers inspiring lectures on seeing the invisible and doing what is considered impossible.

“I had an incredibly enjoyable visit. The work you have done with grit:lab is truly remarkable. It was also evident that the students thrived when I spoke with them. We need more of this,” says Robson Lindberg.

grit:lab is needed in the Åland tech cluster

Artificial intelligence was a recurring theme throughout the evening. Students from grit:lab shared how they use AI in their tech education, and Paf’s own DevOps Engineer, Kim Gripenberg, gave a lecture on the strengths and consequences of AI.

“AI can generate everything from images, sounds, to texts. So far, we have only scratched the surface. In the future, everyone will have personal AI assistants, and soon we will see AI topping the charts in film and music. But with great power comes great responsibility, and that is something we need to remember,” says Kim Gripenberg.

Another speaker, Karin Künnapas from Estonia, shared insights on Estonia’s digitalization and the positive opportunities Åland can gain through the tech education of grit:lab. She is the Head of School of the Estonian tech education kood/Jõhvi, which complements Estonia’s need for developers. Estonia is known for starting successful tech companies that grow on a large scale, such as the communication tool Skype, founded in Estonia in 2003.

“There is so much talent here that could build new and amazing companies. And if there is a next Skype, hopefully we can say that it is from Åland,” says Karin Künnapas.

Read the whole agenda for Åland Tech Meetup here.

01 June 2023

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