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Our Keynote Speaker: Robson Lindberg

The Keynote speaker for the event is Robson Lindberg, a TBI patient (Traumatic Brain Injury) and triathlete, is training to become the world’s best despite a brain injury, and he shares his inspiring story of resilience, humor, and determination to achieve his goals.

He is working everyday to be The World’s Best TBI Patient and he is also the Chief Empowerment Officer at Rehaboo! as well as an inspirational speaker.

Keynote: How I Learnt to Lead Myself Through Grit – 30th of May at 17:30

LinkedIn: Robson Lindberg

What is Åland Tech Meetup?

Åland Tech Meetup is an event filled with engaging talks and interactive discussions led by experienced professionals in the field. Our open event will feature keynote speakers, networking sessions, presentations, and lightning talks. It’s a platform for exchanging ideas, learning new skills, and discussing the latest trends in the field.

We aim to bring together the tech companies on Åland, the developers, and also grit:lab students and ultimately benefit the Åland community.

Why attend?

Program 30.05.2023


Our Speakers

Jesper Josefsson

Senior Software Engineer, Paf

Naresh Yadav

Software Architect, Paf

grit:lab students

Robson Lindberg

Inspirational Speaker & Chief Empowerment Officer, Rehaboo!

Karin Künnapas

Co-Director at koodi/Jõhvi

Dav Hojt

Lead of Product Management and Engineering Team, 01 Talent

Kim Gripenberg

DevOps Engineer, Paf

Niklas Apellund

CTO, Enfuce

Ryan Lang,

setting the perfect vibe

Ryan Lang, a Helsinki-based DJ, draws inspiration from street dance music and creates vibrant sets with deep, energetic, and sexy vibes, aiming to evoke happiness and hope.

Passionate about event production, he enjoys bringing people together through music, setting the perfect vibe.

Contact information

[email protected]