Our clear purpose is to generate funds for the benefit of society.

The funds we generate through gaming is distributed to projects and organisations that enrich everyday life on the Ålands Islands. Since our foundation in 1966, more than €447.5 million has been distributed.

We believe that healthy businesses and societies thrive in the same way. They are built on a culture of engagement and a sense of community.

Every year the Government of Åland receives hundreds of applications for grants and loans for the funding of projects, investments, events and activities. These initiatives enrich our society with sports, culture and art. They also help maintain a safe and clean environment.

All the initiatives funded by Paf funds have one thing in common: they are striving towards a better, more sustainable future.

The funds we generate through gaming is distributed to projects and organisations that enrich everyday life on the Ålands Islands.

The Paf Allocation Council

The Allocation Council consists of one voting representative from each of the eight member associations. A representative from the Government of Åland acts as the chair of the Allocation Council. The Council also has one representative from the Åland Cultural Delegation and one from Paf.

Members of the Allocation Council

How is the profit allocated?

Using financial information from Paf, in September each year the Allocation Council (sw. fördelningsrådet) informs the Government of Åland of the estimated net profit for the current business year and outlines recommendations for the distribution of the profit (in accordance with provincial regulation LF 1993:56).

The government officials compile a budget proposal for their respective areas of expertise based on the recommendation of the Allocation Council. The proposal is reported to the Government of Åland where a budget is drafted and sent to the Åland Parliament where the budget is adopted.

Applications for grants and loans from Paf profit must be received by the Government of Åland by 15 October in the year preceding the year of the possible grant or loan. Applications for grants to organize events can be submitted continuously, but at least three months prior to the planned

A proposal for the allocation of the funds is drafted by the relevant government officials on the basis of the applications received within the following areas:

  • Social
  • Environment
  • Youth
  • Sports, equipment and facilities
  • Culture
  • Other general activities, events and construction projects

The proposal is reviewed by the Allocation Council.

After the draft proposal has been taken up by the Allocation Council, each responsible administrative official reports the allocation proposal to the responsible minister within the Government of Åland for a decision. Grants for sports activities are proposed to the board of directors of Ålands Idrottsförbund (Åland sports association) for a decision. Likewise, grants for cultural activities are proposed to the Åland Cultural Delegation for a decision.

The Åland Cultural Delegation may consult experts who provide insights into art, literature, music and film. In addition, the working group for Artists in Residence may be consulted in decisions related to residencies.

The funds are distributed through payment to the beneficiaries as:

  • Working grants
  • Culture grants
  • Travel grants
  • Event support
  • Project support
  • Operating support
  • Elitstöd (Elite support)
  • Investment support

Beneficiaries during 2022

The €15 million generated by Paf during 2021 was distributed during 2022 to over 300 beneficiaries.