Meet our people


Whether your passion is software, hardware or the future of web design your skills and our technical teams could be a perfect match


Is your heart in communication or customer care? Businesses are made by people for people. Your skills could lift the space where Paf and customers meet


Release your creativity with us. The Paf Games Studio is the place where artists, coders and cutting edge game design turns creativity into entertainment

Technology - Join us at the cutting edge of business

Our technical departments comprise over 100 professionals who love technology. We develop and manage our systems and services. We integrate games and payment solutions from third parties and design our own UX. We focus on continuous delivery and creating great user experiences.

We also take care of our physical hardware, data centres and cloud services. Collaboration is key – our aim is to stay at the cutting edge.

Our public Technology Radar

The radar covers not only our entire technology portfolio (languages, tools, infra and techniques) but the technologies we assess, try out, adopt or put on hold.

  • Giving teams their own AWS accounts and supporting them within Paf and through our dedicated AWS solutions engineer.
  • Trusting teams own their services allowing for quick changes and for technology choices to be made within the team directly.
  • Promoting continuous delivery and letting the team deploy their own code when they chose to.
  • Supporting a polyglot echo system where we find the right tool for the job.
  • Arranging both in-house and external training, and giving everyone access to E-learning platforms.
  • Arranging hackathonsmeetups and other events on a regular basis.
  • Giving everyone the opportunity to work remotely.
  • Having an inner source mentality throughout our organisation and open sourcing things that we think are valuable to a wider community.
  • Sharing our technology stack openly.
  • Promoting a helpful culture where every developer is a resource of knowledge.

  • Promoting experiments and learning, and arranging our hackathons, all to explore new technologies and stay on top of our game.
  • Taking a DevSecOps approach.
  • Pair programming and GitOps.
  • Having all of our infrastructure as code and run cloud native serverless services.

Customers - Help us exceed their expectations

We interact with our customers in a variety of different ways. Our in-house customer support are a resolution-oriented team that helps players who contact us via chat, e-mail or phone. Our marketing and customer communication team keep our players up-to-date with the most relevant information in a multitude of channels. Our croupiers and event teams meet our players face-to-face and therefore perform a key role in delivering gaming entertainment.

At each meeting point we seek to deliver the very best customer experience. This is achieved by having a service-minded working culture in a dynamic environment with a strong focus on knowledge and driving personal improvement.

Games – Entertainment is our business

Paf is no ordinary casino operator – we are also game creators. The Paf Games Studio is made up of specialists from a very diverse background. It’s a creative space where work and play meet to make many of Paf’s most popular games. Co-creating experiences with popular national personalities to produce branded games in each market makes projects unique and challenging.

Responsible gaming – Leading the industry

We are an award-winning industry leader in responsible gaming. Two years ago, we became the first international gaming company in the world to introduce a maximum limit for what customers can lose in a year. We place high demands on our responsibility measures, and through transparency, openness and honesty we achieve sustainable growth that reflects our values.



I have worked full-time at Paf since 2004 and during my time here I have had the opportunity to work in many different roles and teams within Paf. All of the positions have been very educational, challenging and fun. It has been quite easy to try out different roles and find the one that fits me the best. My passion is games and to be able to be creative and work with new interesting technologies – that’s why I work here.



I started off in Paf’s marketing department back in 2009. Then I finished my studies and returned to Paf but in a new field of work, Responsible Gaming. Paf has given me the possibility to develop both personally and carrier-wise. I now lead both the RG team and the HR team, where I dedicate my time to my colleagues, to ways of working effectively and to supporting the teams to follow our business strategy.

Corporate Functions

Our Corporate Functions enable our business to operate efficiently, securely and with integrity. Legal and Compliance, Finance, Responsibility and HR bring together people with a range of valuable skills to make sure our company keeps moving forward every day.