Paf celebrates Åland 100 years with a new scratch card

Paf launches a new scratch card on Åland to draw attention to the fact that Åland is celebrating 100 years. The scratch card will have the highest jackpot that Paf has had on a scratch card to date, 15,000 euros. The scratch card will be called Ålandslåtten and have an Åland-inspired design with graphic connections to the celebration of Åland 100 years.

“We are happy about Paf’s initiative to develop a scratch card that merges with the celebration of Åland 100 years and together we already have several good ideas about where the money raised should go,” says Tiina Björklund, the local government’s project manager for Åland 100 years.

The scratch card raises money for charity

For every scratch card sold, 1 euro will go directly to a charity on Åland. The scratch card will be sold until the end of next summer and in September 2022 the money raised can be handed over.

“As soon as we have the details nailed down, we will tell you what the specific purpose will be. We have set our sights on a charitable cause for young people on Åland,” says Ludvig Winberg, Corporate Communication Manager at Paf.

15,000 euros in jackpot

Ålandslåtten will have by far the largest jackpot to date, 15,000 euros, which Paf has had on a real physical scratch card. The scratch card is printed in an edition of 25,000 scratch cards and it will be available for sale at the agents starting during the self-government week when the 100th anniversary celebrations begin.

“The jackpot is high for a scratch card on Åland in such a small edition and the scratch card will also cost as much as 10 euros. It will be a bit of a premium scratch card, with a good purpose,” says Sari Venho, Key Account Manager for Paf on Åland.

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