84 hours of live radio for charity

Paf is one of the main sponsors of SteelFMhjälpen for the third consecutive year. SteelFMhjälpen raises money for charity during the month of December. The fund raising ends with an 84-hour long live radio broadcast from a box made of glass in the square of Mariehamn.

“We want to do something really good at the end of the year and really show that we ourselves wholeheartedly go for it. We live inside the box of glass for more than three days in a row and we broadcast radio live, day and night,” says Fredrik Karlström.

“Getting locked in the glass cage is a benefit, that I am extremely grateful to be part of”

Fredrik Karlström is the initiator of the SteelFMhjälpen and he himself is one of those who will be locked in the box before the New Year’s Eve.

“The feeling you get when people get involved, companies contribute and artists line up to help out all those who are not doing as well as the most of us, is magical. Getting locked in the glass cage is a benefit, that I am extremely grateful to be part of,” says Fredrik Karlström.

The Food Bank association beneficiary this year

The first year, the Save the Children Fund was the recipient of the fundraising and over €65,000 was raised. The second year the receiver were the “lonely and financially vulnerable elderly” who, through the Public Health organisation Folkhälsan, received over €85,000. This year, the Food Bank Association (Matbanken) on Åland will be the beneficiary of the donations.

“The choice was easy for us to make. The Food Bank association makes a huge difference for about 200 families annually on Åland. Every euro that we raise goes in full to the cause, which is an extremely important principle for us,” says Fredrik Karlström.

The SteelFMhjälpen live broadcast starts at noon on December 28 and ends when the clock strikes twelve on New Year’s Eve.

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