Lasse Åberg donates money to the Baltic Sea Fund

The Baltic Sea Fund is the recipient when Lasse Åberg donates money from the Sällskapsresan game, a game that has been developed by Paf in collaboration with Lasse Åberg. Now the sequel Snowroller is launched, a game based on the movie Sällskapsresan II Snowroller.

The Baltic Sea Fund is a foundation founded in 1989, the foundation highlights the work that is done to help the Baltic Sea. When the foundation was founded, not many people thought about the condition of the Baltic Sea, 30 years later the foundation has awarded 100 inspiring persons and organizations for their efforts to help the Baltic Sea.

“I have sometimes wondered what the Baltic Sea would look like without these people, these people have really gone further and sometimes even put themselves at risk because they are passionate about their cause,” says the Baltic Fund’s CEO Lotta Nummelin.

Lasse Åberg has so far donated SEK 85,463 to the Baltic Sea Fund. His own closeness to the Baltic Sea has given him the interest to help out.

“The Baltic Sea is important for all of us and not least for our family with a summer house on Gotland. That is why I want to contribute to the work that the Baltic Sea Fund does,” says Lasse Åberg.

“It is fantastic that Lasse Åberg has an understanding that we need to invest in the Baltic Sea and we are truly happy with his donation,” says Lotta Nummelin.

The new game Snowroller

Paf has developed a new game together with Lasse Åberg, Snowroller. The game is based on the second film in the film series called Sällskapsresan. In the game you get to see the characters from the movie, hear music and sounds that match the movie and see many original images from the actual movie.

Paf has developed the game internally in Paf Games Studio and part of the surplus from the new game will also be donated by Lasse Åberg to the Baltic Sea Fund. Your welcome to try the new slot game Snowroller.

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